[ANN] Fifteenth Release of Embedded Slackware

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slakbootEBS is an easy to use system for creating embedded
flash systems with a Slackware flavor.  It is distributed
in 34 archives that cover i486 & pxa255 archs, in either glibc
or uclibc/busybox flavors.  Well documented, with about 44
readymade burnscripts.  Includes 2 major utilities: makeCF
and burnit.

It is easiest to use with a USB compact flash card reader
installed in your host machine, as the filesystem target

It can create and bootstrap filesystems form 25MB to +300MB

There is a single 15MB archive that includes the creation SDK
and a limited set of filesystem building blocks. It allows you
to use two of the 44 included, script driven, configurations.

The entire distribution includes 260 compressed MegaBytes in 34
archives or you can pick and choose as you need at the home
site. Available at http://www.freshmeat.net or at the home site:



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