Ann: Hadie Release 0.1.1

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Hadie - Hardware abstracting device indepent environment
Release 0.1.1


Release Notes
This intermediate release features Hadie running on real hardware
ranging from a 8 bit processor (i80515) to 32 bit architectures
(i386, 68k). Hadie at least starts on the TriCore processor and can be
build using the C166 compiler.
Various bugs in the kernel functions have been fixed and the unstable
signal functions have been removed. Flag und semaphore handling has
been added. Though semaphores are still named mutex, which is nonsense.
Some API functions (shared memory) have not yet been implemented and
currently the design of services on top of the Hadie API is evaluated.
See services/ip4net for an example of running a uIP-based Webserver on
top of Hadie.

As this is the first release of Hadie running on real hardware, do
not expect optimal performance - though the tests show that
runs very stable.

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