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1st) 12 MegaPixel Digital Camera
2nd) 1 GB Mp4 Video/MP3 Player
3rd) Flexible keyboard

Go to http://www.digitaltutor.info & send us your tutorial to

We are looking for Programming, Linux, 3D and Video Editing Tutorials.

Re: 1st DigitalTutor.info Tutorial Contest!

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and I wonder who gets the rights to your tutorial once it is submitted?
Sounds like someone is preparing a book and is looking for material.

Re: 1st DigitalTutor.info Tutorial Contest!
On Sat, 15 Apr 2006, in the Usenet newsgroup comp.os.linux.embedded, in article

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either that or harvesting addresses. The idiot posted the same crap to
linux.redhat, comp.os.linux.misc, comp.os.linux.networking,
comp.os.linux.setup, and comp.os.linux.security, before posting it here in
comp.os.linux.embedded.  I suppose the spammer is to st00pid to realize
that it might be acceptable in comp.os.linux.announce (but then, the
moderator may have just tossed it as spam seeing as how the idiot is
posting from google instead of his ISP's news server). The domain was only
registered on the 11th with GoDaddy, and is hosted on hostnoc - that ought
to be enough clues.

        Old guy

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