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Hi there..

Until now i have used the PIC16F84 for my embedded projects, but a
friend of mine told me about the atmel AVR, which looks very nice
compared to PIC's. My questions is:

First im looking for a tutorial or a good book on asm/c programming the
atmega8, so I can get started :)

Im also looking for some useful information on building a programmer
which works under linux/bsd

And lots of other useful information ;-)

Toke Jansen

P.S is there any irc channel for embedded systems?

Re: Atmega8 questions

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  try this site: /
you will have to login for the better details.

Re: Atmega8 questions

Quoted text here. Click to load it  free membership then go to academy

search via google for avr programmer or avr isp(in system programming)

Below few AVR links which should keep you
busy for a bit

Alex for c compiler avr-gcc
and tutorials , app notes

other free compiler for avr (I haven't tried it yet) is sdcc
(need cygwin to run on windows)   older version      get the latest version here

first call for programs and software, app notes etc  software  support tools guitar tuner avr mp3 players mini dds / function =
generator dds vfo 50MHz frquency =
counter temperture controller altimeter and =
timers avr amatuer radio projects
including 6 channel voltmeter, freq counter, function =
keyer midi projects moving message display, displays,
playstation mod chip, gps data parser,  gps display, avr projects and file archive seril port and =
lcd avr links page
 Ham Radio Related Projects including: VFO Counter/Stabilizer and
Programmable PLL board
 POCSAG encoder, AVR Based TNC for APRS, Radio to RS-232 interface servo, stepper, control avr =
ranging from 3 axis magmetometer, cnc drive, mp3 player, I2C,keyboard driver, printf for
lcd, graphic lcd tcpip over ethernet, avr =
microkernal avr robot clock, 3 channel dac, rs232 to wireless,
wireless frequency meter,
rf strength meter, 8 channel pwm, cross assembler 8051 to =
avr (not
released yet)    CAN Remote Automation and Control with =
AVR ultrasonic measurement nixie tube clock  (use google to =
and other projects tools and code for lots =
diffrerent projects IDE Harddisk =
for micro controllers telemntry and =
datalogging metal detector, avr help works out uart =
port pins etc getting started =
avr getting =
with atmega 128 getting started with =
gcc on
atmega 128 projects, lcd , led light chaser, =
and led thermometers
and stepper motor driver control projects via gsm phone,
pocketpc to rs232, graphic lcd driver =
lcd controller gameboy camera interface herky jerky robot good information on =
examples and RTOS open source embedded systems library   electronics, embedded systems and programming
pnoyprog, canbus home automation, minithreads / links for I2C mp3 player using atmega 128 AVR-Assembler-Tutorial projects and realitime os projects lcd, thermometer, clock and libraries =
lcd and one wire  dontronics avr pages embedded systems links servo control with avr's avr mp3 player with fat =
hdd ethernut , web server etc using avr

RTOS see AVR freaks



other rtos for avr =

also look at the compiler developer web pages
for examples and rtos
Imagecraft /

Re: Atmega8 questions
tjh threw some tea leaves on the floor

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UISP with 4 wires from the parallel port to the chip!

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I have a AVR intro on my embedded page :
Including a full howto on installing the toolset under GNU/Linux.

I have just set up the avr-gcc environment under GNU/Linux (Gentoo)
including the avr-gcc C compiler,  simulator, and burner.

My first mega8 was a piece of cake to burn and is running my first test
program as I type this.
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The main site for GNU/Linux is ,

I wouldn't waste your time with Avrfreaks as it's too Windows centric to
be a lot of use to GNU/Linux users setting up the toolset, though
code examples etc may be of use ?

              Kind Regards from Terry
    My Desktop is powered by GNU/LinuX, Gentoo-1.4_rc2  
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Re: Atmega8 questions

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Check out AVRDUDE: /

Note the simple parallel port cable programmer on that page.  We just
released version 4.2, you can find the source tarballs and rpms here:

If you are using FreeBSD, all the AVR tools are part of the "ports"
system.  For example, to install the compiler (avr-gcc), programmer
(avrdude), avarice (jtag enabler), avr-gdb (source level debugger), and
simulavr (simulator), just do this:

    % cd /usr/ports/devel/avr-gcc && make install
    % cd /usr/ports/devel/avrdude && make install
    % cd /usr/ports/devel/avarice && make install
    % cd /usr/ports/devel/avr-gdb && make install
    % cd /usr/ports/devel/simulavr && make install

I happen to sell couple of AVR boards with the ATmega128 processor (top of
the line AVR).  You can find that here: /

For some more info on AVR tools, take a look at my "dev tools" page: /

Good luck!

Brian Dean,
BDMICRO - Maker of the MAVRIC ATmega128 Dev Board
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