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I am taking a portable massager (you know, the ones that look similar to hair dryers and with different attachments) from USA to Europe. Now, it vibrates AND heats. The manual states it uses 10W. What kind of voltage converter should I get? The one for heating (ebay is full of those '1600W') or the one for electronics (ebay: usually '50W')?

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You do not mind voltage and frequency. Voltage is the most important because if a 120V appliance is connected to a 220V mains it will be fried very quickly. But connecting a 60Hz appliance to 50Hz mains can be fatal as well. Inductances in the massager will saturate every 10ms which explains both vibration and heating. So the converter you need will have to convert both voltage and frequency. Even then, you canot be sure of good adaption. A lot of adapters, especially cheaper ones, do not deliver pure sine wave but blocks or so called modified sine wave. Maybe your massager does not have a problem with that but you can't be sure unless you've tried. As for the power, 50W will be good enough for a 10W appliance. But even then the covertor may be more expensive then a new massager.

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