using color gels to change 5mW laser color...tia sal

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Has anyone tried using color gels like the one studio lights use to change the color of a laser? Does it work?


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color of a laser?

Laser produces monochromatic light.


Boris Mohar

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Boris Mohar

It would not work. Any filter, other than the color of the LASER, would totally block the light.

Filters work with tungsten(and other) lamps because those lamps produce light across a wide spectrum of visible "frequencies" (colors). LASERS only produce one narrow band of frequency (color).

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the color of a laser?

So lets see... Shine a pure red laser through a filter that only lets greeen light through and you get what out the other side.. ?

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Nothing. Absoulutely nothing. The red light waves would not go trough. And a Red LASER is only red light, not any other color. LASER is special _because_ it is only one wavelength already.

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Vidar Løkken


Correct. Give the man a prize :-)

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