Trace cable with metal detector..?


Say I have a disconnected electrical cable dug into the ground. I need to trace the cable to find out its route and where it ends.

I wonder if it is possible to inject a signal from a signal generator between one of this cable's conductors and earth and walk away with a metal detector to trace the cable.

Has anyone any experience or knowledge on this to share, and if yes, how deep in the earth will the detector be able to trace the cable?

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I guess it depends on how the metal detector is implemented. There seem to be a handful of different techniques in common use.

There's a tool used to trace wiring in (e.g.) telephone panels, consisting of a little signal generator you clip to the pair of wires of interest, and a handheld inductive pickup you wave around to trace the wiring. Of course, it doesn't have to sense through several feet of earth...

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DETECTOR . Features sensitivity and audio/visual detection warning . Can detect up to a 3 metre depth

DETECTOR - Auto . Sweeps power, radio and genny signals simultaneously . Alert feature detects shallow cable with flashing icon . Detects up to a 3 metre depth

SIGNAL GENERATOR . Allows tracing of individual pipes & cables

DETECTION SONDE . Self-contained transmitter for tracing non-metallic pipes . Attaches to drain rod

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