Synchronizing FPGAs

Hello newsreaders,

For a while I have been confronted with the following task which I find quite challenging but unfortuantely didn't manage to solve it, yet. What I want to do is to use 2-4 FPGAs (Xilinx Virtex 2 Pro) together on one printed circuit board (PCB). They are used to process a large amount of incoming serial data (data rates of several GHz's). My idea is to handle that data parallel by the 2-4 FPGAs. But now there arises the problem how to adequately split the data and how to synchronize the FPGAs among one another, in particular? Is it possible or first of all a realistic idea to synchronize multiple FPGAs in the GHz range? How can this be done without much protocoll overhead? I would like to do it without applying an extra transfer protocoll among the FPGAs just for that purpose! Up to this date I didn't find a proper solution, yet. Maybe someone can give me a hint? Any ideas how to solve that problem?

Regards, Leroy Tanner

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