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I have a number of PCI cards for computers that I want to store. I'm going crazy trying to find a source of these corrugated boxes. No, I don't have the boxes they came in.

One of the problems is trying to buy less than a pallet load. I need about

  1. Anyone have a source for these?

Yes, I've tried Google and get lots of unsuitable hits. What might work is a cardboard box for VCR tapes. But I haven't found suitable ones yet. I did find a nice one at "Containers" but at $2 a whack, that's a little pricy.


Thanks in advance.


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If you are just storing them, they don't have to be in separate boxes. I have several banana boxes full of spare cards, each in an antistatic bag. They are sorted by function. I also have a half dozen banana boxes of motherboards and ISA cards for legacy equipment packed the same way

Some computer builders and repair shops will save the boxes for you, if you ask politely, and explain that you are not going to be using them to package boards to resell.

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Michael A. Terrell

You might try plastic "shoe boxes". Short side is just right for the card height. Long side is just right for full-length cards (remember those?). Put cards in anti-static bags and pile them in. I've got about 10 shoe boxes full. Keeps the dust off, and you can add/subtract paper stickers to the end of the box showing contents. Plus: boxes from the same mfgr and batch stack very well.

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Good idea, thanx.


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