Microcontroller design/programming help needed

I don't have enough experience, or common sense to complete this project, so I need some help, and finally realised that I will have to pay for someone else to do it for me. I'll list the basic requirements, but Email me for specifics for the job, or if you are willing to take it on, along with a price quote. As well, if you think that the project is impossible, then also let me know. There is no real time constraints, so if you only do it in your spare time, and it takes a long time to do, that will also be ok.

I require a circuit that will:

-display in 5 second increments, every time a switch is closed, on a basic 1 line lcd display (it wont actually be a 5 second increment in reality, this is count, not a time, but the count has to be in 5 second increments)

-add up these 5 second increments, until they "rollover" into minutes, hours days months, years.

-be battery operated (If it could be run for long periods of time on button cells, or equivalent batteries, then that would be great, if not... a few AAA cells, or a 9v batteries size is ok).

-the display only needs to turn on for a minute after the switch is closed, if this will help extend the battery life.

-and be as small, and thin as possible (space is at a ABSOLUTE premium)

-the unit can be hard-wired or wire-wrapped, it doesn't need to look "finished", or be done on a pcb.

-as a matter of fact, if I can be supplied with a chip, display, and schematic, I can wire it myself.

IF there is a way to do this with a small, single chip microcontroller....fairly easily, please let me know. If you require more specifics, please email me with any questions you may have. This is NOT going into mass production, so I WILL NOT be making buckets of cash with this. This is just a item for a specific piece of machinery at my work, and will DEFINATLY be a one-off.

Thanks, in advance Kim

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