look for pcb order

I am a salesman for pcb,look for pcborder.if you have order,please contact withme freely.

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Your IP address shows you to be near Guangzhou, Guangdong. Perhaps you are not familiar with "Netiquette"

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...and not familiar with "Usenet" (*this* is NOT "Google Groups")

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...and not familiar with this DISCUSSION group

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*-*+only-advertise+sci.electronics.misc-General+Gossip.*.*.*.*.*.*+the.rec.hierarchy+*-*-not-a-forsale-group+zz-zz+Discussion . . This is **NOT** a place to post your advertisements. Posting ads here WILL GET YOU A REPUTATION AS A CHEATER whose **business ethics** are garbage and that will result in the OPPOSITE of what you desire.

If you want to participate in this group, start by READING *many* of the posts that exist here. If you have something to post that is DISCUSSION

--that is, NOT an ad, feel free to post that.

If all you want is a place to put free ads, GO AWAY.

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