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I have an old laser point that I probably bought for $25 back in 2000 or earlier. I haven't used it in years, and found it wouldn't work. It has two 392 batteries. $5.00 each locally. I found that LR41s are the same, and tried them. I have about 10 for other purposes. Still didn't work. That seems odd. Bad laser? I do see a slight gash in the tube 1/2 the way down. The pointer is about 6" long and doubles as a pen.

I have a feeling that I can get laser pointers now for maybe $10. I'll know shortly when the stores open.


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W. eWatson
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Get a new one. In the past 8 years, I have gotten laser pointers for $5 at computer shows, $1 at a small number of dollar stores, and seen them offered for sale at some hardware stores for about $8 and at Target for about $10.

If it takes you more than a few or several minutes to get working batteries or corrosion on contacts cleaned out, then it appears to me that what you want is a new laser pointer.

 - Don Klipstein (
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Don Klipstein

How about $5

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I can find them here in Canada for 1.99, sometimes even 99cents. Now maybe the expensive ones have something of value to offer, but I suspect for a simple pointer, they don't.

The laser pointers are so cheap that I've bought them as a source of the batteries for other things. I can't think of much that is 1.99 or 99cents that comes with three button cells.


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