I'd like to make my old keyboard wireless.

I have a Focus FK 9000, the best keyboard ever made. The problem is that I'm getting sick of wires.

I'd like to make it wireless. I'm wondering how hard it would be to cannibalize the RF side of an existing wireless keyboard. Has anyone taken one apart? Are the RF and keyboard circuits fairly discrete? How about one of those Bluetooth keyboards for PDAs?

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Mark Healey
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It'd have to be pretty special to beat an IBM type M

assuming the Focus has a printed circuitboard (or even wirewrap) behing the keys it'd be pretty easy. Modern keyboards are 90% platic membrane and a tiny little circuitboard. you need to configure your keys to mimic the circuit the wireless keyboard circuitry is expecting. you may have to modify the tracks inside your old keyboard to match the wiring matrix used in the wireless one.

Last time I had the urge to rewire a keyboard (>12 years ago) I used the materials on hand, solderable enameled wire, some sort of glue-paint (actually Gestetner wax-stencil correction fluid), and a craft knife.

If I had to do it tomorrow i'd use wirewrap wire and hotmelt glue, but the same knife ("NT" makes a quality product).

Bye. Jasen

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