Finding small electronic device.

Hi to everybody!

I don't know if this group is the correct one for my question. I'm searching for a small screen to attach to a computer using paralell/serial or radio link (distance is at least 15 meters) for viewing at least two numbers(digits) at a distance. A computer language will send the information to the device.

If anyone knows of a comercial implementation of this i would be very grateful.

Thank you very much.

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alexandre semedo
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at least two numbers(digits) at a

My 'oil watchman' (try a search) does exactly this using an analogue input from a float in the tank. Percent full is displayed about 10 metres away on a mains plugtop display.


Pauline Aston.

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Pauline Aston

Look for one of the mechanical 7 segment displays that are uses for public clock/thermometers


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Wim Ton

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