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Hello all, I'm playing around with wireless networking, and have something I want to try. I have a Linksys WAP11 access point (operates at 2.4GHz) that I want to remote mount the antennas for. So what I'm primarily interested in is, does anyone know a site on the web where I can find general information about selecting coax cable, with an eye toward this specific application. I'ld like to understand the basics so I can understand the why's behind a given choice. I also happen to have a bunch of dual RG6 sat cable (we had the installer give us a bunch when we got out sattellite TV system put in), the labeling on it says it's for 2200MHz, which is pretty close to 2.4GHz, so I'm thinking that it may work for this. I don't actually need it where it is now. So what do you think? I'm also looking for information on selecting connectors for high frequency applications like this. My thought is to use the coax connectors like you find on the back of a TV for some of the wiring. But I know that the TV connector is for a 75 ohm connection and the reverse polarity TNC connectors on the WAP11 seems to be for 50 ohm connections, but I don't see how that would change the connector? As I understand it (transmission line theory isn't one of my strong suits) the 50 ohm vs. 75 ohm is the termination impedence and isn't in the connector. Thanks in advance for any advice. Glenn Pavlovic

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Coax cables have a characteristic impedance. RG6 is a 75ohm cable, not suitable.

John E. Todd
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John Todd

RG-58 is usually 50ohm, BNC connectors are common.

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