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I have a little b+w Tv that I'm trying to modify. It's pretty old. I'm trying to get coax input to it, when it has only a antenna and a little plug marked "Ext. Ant.", which looks exactly like a headphone plug. I'm thinking of conneting a run of 300 ohm cable to the antenna plug inside. I'm unsure of where to go from here. It's a one-wire antenna.

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Go to Radio Shack..... get their little adapter (Radio Shack #15-1148) that plugs into the mini-jack on the television and provides you with antenna screw terminals so that you can connect 300 ohm twinlead.... or connect it to a balun transformer that will convert to a 75 ohm coax "F" connector.... ...or their #278-257 that plugs into your television's mini-jack and converts it directly to a 75 ohm coax "F" connector. .....only a few bucks.

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