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Hi, Please help professionally

I am concerned about these product, are they safe or no

I have a 30 gb Ipod Video and I was thinking about getting some extr

battery power for longer trips. I looked at these products:

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and thes

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However, isn't the official ipod Battery output 3.7 volts

So if one were to put 4 Alkalines of 1.5 v each that would total volts, I want to know is this is a problem for the ipod? Or do thes product trans down the voltage a little to have an output of 3. volts..

I wonder about this and if other people have used them before

Your feedback would be appreciated


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I would assume that there is a (very efficient) power supply circuit in the power pack which converts the 6V to the required voltage. In doing so it provides extra time before the batteries are so flat that they can't power the iPod any more.



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