Any innovative ideas??

Hello there, Im a university freshman and taking Electronic info eng as major. And I entered the inovative design competition, to develo a product. compete in any of the following three categories (numbe of categories subject to entries):

  1. Health Care & Personal Devices
  2. Telecommunications & Home Appliances
  3. Toys

Any ideas guys? Please feel free to tell me! I am wondering if I ca

design a solar batttery recharger, but do you think its usefu enough? Should I design something related to solar-power stuffed?

or maybe a "wireless power supply" like you can turn of the tv o

computer without plugging to the socket but a device which ca transmit electricity from the main power supply socket to the tv o computer "wirelessly"?

And more, does anyone heard of "centrifugal propulsive device", a

anti graivty device, developed by tom slutter? do you think it possible to make a flying toy -wireless remote saucer with suc device

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Are you a software/digital type? Google for picaxe and you will find a plethora of neat ideas, free software, low-cost kits, and so on.

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Charles Schuler

Google can't find him but I didn't try hard.

Give us a URL and we'll let you know.

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