Any innovative ideas about my project??

all your ideas seem a little far fatched for a freshman ... go with the solar charger, while it wont necessarily be easy to implement, you'll be able to see results (good and bad) a lot quicker than with your other ideas ...

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Wouldn't getting ideas from this group for use in a competition constitute cheating?


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Klaus Kragelund

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke, "Profiles of The Future", 1961 (Clarke's third law)

Create any kind of magic you like. I would suggest you more classes first.


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Hello there, this is my first post, so nice to meet everyone in here!

Well, Im a university freshman and taking Electronic info eng. as major. And I entered the inovative design competition, to develop a product. compete in any of the following three categories (number of categories subject to entries):

  1. Health Care & Personal Devices
  2. Telecommunications & Home Appliances
  3. Toys

Any ideas guys? Please feel free to tell me! I am wondering if I can design a solar batttery recharger, but do you think its useful enough? Should I design something related to solar-power stuffed?

or maybe a "wireless power supply" like you can turn of the tv or computer without plugging to the socket but a device which can transmit electricity from the main power supply socket to the tv or computer "wirelessly"?

And more, does anyone heard of "centrifugal propulsive device", an anti graivty device, developed by tom slutter? do you think its possible to make a flying toy -wireless remote saucer with such device?

By the way, does anyone know when the "Volume III - Semiconductors" will be finish?

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I think cheating should be well encouraged if the guy can turn a piece of idea from this group into a design and won the competition.

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This is a competition in the Chinese form of innovation?

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Don Foreman

Hells teeth, ANOTHER homework question. This project is clearly designed to get YOU thinking not the rest of us.


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Ian Bell

Yea, I know... I should be the one who think the whole ideas... and now I did! Well, can anyone tell me where can I buy the strongest magnet with various shape?

And where can I buy various powerful solenoid?

Will a strong magnet is brought near to the mobile phone or mp3, will it affect their stabilty?

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