Xilinx self-termination


any info on ISE 10.1 ?

maybe, HOPE really, Xilinx has done something to improve their software quality.

It should be possible to write the GUI that doesnt self-terminate itself so often.

I am trying to playback an SVF file, and it caused impact and ISE self- termination.

there are possibilites to "CATCH" exceptions and recover the application, but no, Xilinx tools just terminate themself.


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Ah, it just Xilinx tools self terminates, not Xilinx. I was scared. ;-)

I found that 9.1 is much more stable then 9.2. So I'm skiping 9.2 completely and wait for 10.1 which is comming , I guess, in March.

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9.2 P&R is sooooo much faster with big jobs.
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Tim (one of many)

Yeah... after 30sec the (self-terminated) job is done. LOL

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