Xilinx Parallel Cable III flying lead repair

The flying leads on my Xilinx Parallel Cable III won't last much longer (they are starting to break at the 9-way housing), and I haven't been able to find a replacement set. Harwin M20 crimp terminals and housings are very similar to the original ones and I have found that with some care, the cheap ratchet crimp tool I got for Molex terminals can be used for crimping the Harwin terminals. My assembly will be more convenient than the original Xilinx one, as I'll put all six terminals into a single 6-way housing.


Leon Heller, G1HSM
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You have a common problem.

I bought myself some new ones which I think will be compatible with my Parallel Cable III. I bought them as spares for my newer cables. Xilinx part code "HWFLYLEADS". Expensive for what they are but a minimum hassle solution. The new lead sets have better contact and strain relief than some of the older ones. It appears to be a crimped contact with extend heatshrink as strain relief and as a side benefit I can even get them onto the 2mm JTAG header we use on our MINI-CAN product.

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