Xilinx ISE Evaluation DVD 10.1 request...

Please, please, please fix the DVD installation-wizard, so that you can install the 32-bit (Webpack) tools on a 64-bit platform. (This goes for both MS Windows and Linux.)

I really hate having to manually traverse the bin/lin32 subdir (or bin/nt) on the DVD, because the toplevel installer determines I have a 64-bit OS/platform, then cryptically tells me "registration ID not valid!" (I'd be nice if the installer said the Evaluation-ID is only good for the 32-bit version of the tools, rather than producing a totally misleading error-message.)

An little checkbox in the installer-GUI that lets the user override the installer's platform-autodetect would be really nice : "install 32-bit tools?"

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Xilinx User
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But even that shouldn't be necessary. The install script should notice that the 64-bit tools aren't even present in the WebPACK distribution, and automatically select 32-bit.

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Eric Smith

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