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We are looking at using SRAM FPGA's for first time and trying to get an approximate config time for say a XCV2P40 using the byte wide bus vs serial bus to minimize time after reset. Assuming we have to load 100% of the device can anyone provide an approximate config time? Are we talking micro , milli or seconds ?

Also if the config time is too long are there any tricks that can be played to reduce it , short of removing functionality ?


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From the table in the Virtex-II Pro user guide, Configuration, Configuration details, the approximate SelectMAP programming time for an XC2VP40 at 50 MHz is 39.67 ms. This is an older data sheet version I'm looking at, so please verify the numbers yourself.

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See chapter 4.

There are 15,868,192 bits in the bitstream for a V2P40.

In the parallel modes of configuration, you can clock in 8 bits at a time.

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page 108 lists 66 MHz as the max CCLK.

So, with some math, gives 30 milliseconds to configure.

15,868,192/(8*66,000,000)=.0301 seconds

That is after the power on reset (part has reached all of its proper operating voltages).

One trick is to use the compressed bit stream option which will copy identical columns of memory (if there are any). Depends on your design. If your design is very regular, you might gain significantly here.

Aust> We are looking at using SRAM FPGA's for first time and trying to

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