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Re: Very Big numbers

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I've had a quick look at your site, but like most people in the various
unrelated newsgroups you posted to, I am mainly replying to your posted
comments rather than your site or your software - I am not really in a
position to judge the software itself fairly.

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Source: The Microsoft FUD machine, or perhaps SCO.

Back here in the real world, GMP is LGPL'ed.  That means it is *never* free
of copyright, you *never* have to ask the consent of the makers to make use
of the software as stipulated in the license (which basically says that any
software, under any license, can make use of the GMP library as desired -
however, if you make any changes to the GMP library itself, and release
those changes to others in binary form, then you also have to release the
source for the changes under the LGPL.  Fair enough.), you *don't* need to
change or debug the code (unless you find that there actually is a bug in
it - in which case you have the power to change it yourself since you have
the source code).

Now, I'm not going to argue that using the GMP would cost more or less than
your library, because you are correct in saying that starting to use it is
going to take some time, and for the non-hobbyist, that time is not free.
Which is cheaper will depend on the price of your software, the ease of use
of the two libraries, suitability for their purpose, experiance of the user,
etc.  The term "Free Software" has never been about price (although that's
often a nice bonus) - it is about freedom.

There are plenty of areas where FOSS is the most appropriate, and plenty
where closed source is the most appropriate.  But if you are going to argue
the case for your software, then learn what you are arguing against rather
than blindly quoting "things you heard" that are obviously wrong.

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For people involved in work that might require multiple precision
arithmetic, Windows is not "The Platform".  It barely ranks as "a platform".

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This is where you can score big time.  You will not beat the GMP on speed,
features, functionality, or flexibility - claiming you can just makes you
look silly.  But you *can* beat it on ease of installation, and ease of use,
especially for smaller users who want something they can get into quickly
without reading large piles of documentation.

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This is also very important - people will pay you for your help and support.

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If I were you, I'd get the C/C++ library out fast.  I don't think you are
going to reach a big audience with VB support (correct me if I'm wrong -
presumably you know your potential customer base).  I think that most people
interested in this sort of functionality will be either using large
mathematical or scientific packages, or using languages like C/C++ (for
speed) or Python (for HLL programming, and speed in some types of
application).  As evidence for the lack of interest in VB programming with
multiple precision arithmetic, I cite the lack of an easy-to-find website
with a downloadable VB interface to GMP - it would not be hard to do (since
the GMP can be compiled as a DLL), but still no one has bothered doing it.

I wish you luck in your business, and I hope you can make something of it.
But it pays to think carefully about what you write in technical
newsgroups - as an advertiser, you begin any thread with a big disadvantage
and must be ready for condemnation - especially when you cross-post to
irrelevant newsgroups.  Being rude, sarcastic, and writing plainly incorrect
and biased arguments is not going to win you friends or customers.  But
don't take it too hard (and don't take it personally!) - I doubt that many
of the people replying in this thread would have bought your library anyway.

Re: Very Big numbers

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exponent squaring?

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For which cpu's have you been optimizing?

% and /  are very slow operations at most cpu's.

64 bits?

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