Verilog problems with SelectRAM clocking within a finite state machine

I'm quite new to FPGA/Verilog and I'm not sure if this is the correct news group to use for this kind of posting - appologies if I've posted to the wrong place.

Anyway, I'm having problems using memory within a FSM. I'm currently using Xilinx ISE for a VirtexII. I'm trying to use the RAMB16_S18 memory primitive (SelectRAM).

I've written a short test which writes the sequence 0, 1, 2, 3 ....

14, 15 to the RAM in one state, then in another it reads it back. However, I read back the memory as 15, 0, 1, 2 .... 13, 14. I'm assuming that the 15 in the first read-back element is from the previous cycle and hence the whole lot is offset due to a clocking issue.

I've truncated the code and copied below:

// Buffer clock for the ram wire Raw_Data_Profile_CLK; BUFG Raw_Data_Profile_CLK_Buffer(.I(Main_Clock), .O(Raw_Data_Profile_CLK));

// Setup the RAM reg [9:0] Data_Address; reg [15:0] Data_In; reg [2:0] Data_In_Parity; wire [15:0] Data_Out; wire [2:0] Data_Out_Parity; reg WE; RAMB16_S18 Data_RAM ( .DI( Data_In), .DIP( Data_In_Parity), .ADDR( Data_Address), .EN( 1'b1), .WE( WE), .SSR( 1'b0), .CLK( CLK), .DO( Data_Out), .DOP( Data_Out_Parity) );

// Update the Next State for the finite state machine reg [1:0] Current_State, Next_State; always @(posedge Main_Clock) begin Current_State

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The BlockRAM (RAMB16_S18) is a synchronous memory. Write data presented to the write interface is accepted and written at the clock edge. Read address is presented to the read interface and accepted at the clock edge; only then can the read data come out.

You assign the next state through a CLOCKED state machine. The next state is then assigned to a current state through another clocked block. Typically the next state is assigned in a combinatorial block and registered elsewhere OR the current state is updated within the state machine's clocked case statement. You're doing both.

Understanding these issues will get you closer to meeting your expectations.

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