This group is of real help to people that really need help and assistance during the course of designing and programning. Well, all these while i was into desiging and development. now i have been shifted to VERIFICATION and TESTING in VHDL. i have done verification earlier in TESTBENCHES, wrote a code and given input vectors and verified the output vectors. Is this basically how testing is done, or lots more into it. I'am just aware of this way of testing of the VHDL code in TESTBENCHES. If there are many other ways of testing and validation which i'am unaware of PLEASE let me know.

I'am refering a book:

Writing Testbenches: Functional Verification of HDL Models, Second Edition by Janick Bergeron.

well its just the begening. Can i please be informed of sites or pdf doc that will help me gain more knowledge in this.

Along with this i request to get info, ideas on the importance, advantages, of testing, diffrent tools used in verification.

One last doubt, in verification, do we even work on STATIC TIME ANALYSIS and SYNTHESIS. or this is done by the designer itself..

would be very thankful to get replies soon.



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Code review, testbenches, static timing analyses and formal verification are the major verification tasks. Don't know which of them makes sense for your designs and team.

How could we know if you don't? STA is usually perfomed after layout, has your designer feedback from layout? Do you have to verify after layout or are you only responsible for functional verification until synthesis?

bye Thomas

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Thomas Stanka

hi i was told to study corner case testing, different testing scenarios and BFM models. i have to test the design before the layout. before after synthesis not to sure... i wana get good knowledge regarding verification. can you help me with links that gives a brief idea related to testing... thanks Bye

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Hi Abbs,

Do a search on the web for Transaction Level Modelling (TLM), Constraint Random (CR) stimulus generations, assertions (like PSL/SVA/OVL) and functional and formal verification.


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hiii i need immeadite help... i have to deliver a presentation. suppose i have to verify a D flip flop, what are the verification stages, how will i proceed with it. what are the steps to begin till end. its important so can any one out here just brief it out to me.

thanks a million.


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