Tarfessock1 - FPGA Cardbus Development Board

Images of the new version of Tarfessock1 here

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We have replaced the connector that has been giving us supply issues and we expect to complete testing of the new version in early January. They will ship shortly afterwards to customers assuming no major issues in testing program.

The new versions of the Craignell FPGA DIL modules are now in test and these also should available soon. The new programming adaptor for these is expected mid January and we will do a full launch of the product then. If you want to lash up a crude adaptor of your own and desperate for a module please do contact our sales team for advance shipping of the launch of the new versions. The low cost sister product Drigmorn1 has now shipped to the first customers. It should be appearing on the shop website soon but in the meantime just contact our sales team if you want one as it is available.

John Adair Enterpoint Ltd.

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John Adair
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To give some independent comments, I got hold of a S500 Drigmorn1 modules (next day delivery, at least in the UK) and I can say it is a very well engineered board. It is amazing how small the Spartan CP132 package is, it is tiny! I ported my CPU86 design (+16550, 60% slices @ 40MHz) without any issues.

Nice board and I have no problems recommending it!


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