Simple UDP packets forwarding using lwip sockets

Hello. I have just started working with a Virtex 4 board, and I need to make an application which will be connected on a Gigabit LAN using its hard TEMAC, collect some data transmitted to it (at highest data rate possible), store/manipulate them, and the forward them to a predefined network address. I will be using UDP protocol for the transmissions, to obtain the simplest/fastest possible communication. To give myself a headstart, I started by changing the TCP echo server provided by my board`s supplier (

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It`s using Socket API, for which while it`s supposed to be simpler than Raw (i guess), I couldn`t find much information on the internet to help me work with. After many attempts, I have removed all my additional code from the example, and the only modifications left in \echo_sockets\src\socket.c is:

line 244: sock = socket(AF_INET,SOCK_DGRAM,IPPROTO_UDP);

I compile everything and download it to the board with no problem, up to the point I send UDP data to the board. Nothing happens. After placing some breakpoints, I discovered that the code doesn`t appear to manage go through line 262.

line 262: s = accept(sock,(struct sockaddr*)&rem,&len);

I just need to change this small example for now to have something working to begin with. I believe there is a very easy solution to the problem that will make me feel stupid. Any help/suggestions are welcome.

Thank you

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