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I am urgently in search of a simple project that will demonstrate on the old Xilinx Spartan XCS10. Any intro to medium sized project that can perform functions on the demo board Digilab XLA5 at

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with the LEDs and 7 SEG displays being utilized would be desirable. Examples may include simple timers, counters, traffic light controller, etc etc. I know this is a long shot, but I am desperate!! The files would need to be able to run on Xilinx Foundation 4.2i or equiv if possible. Schematic design entry would be preferrable over VHDL but not essential. Apologies to the experts in this NG and if I am looking in the wrong places can anyone suggest where else to look/ask/beg? A negotiated fee can be arranged through Anyone genuinely interested or that can help please email me direct.

Kind Regards (and apologies for being of no help to anyone in a NG!!)

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Are you looking for completed projects (i.e. bitstreams) just to test out a board for functionality, or are you looking for lab assignments for use with the XLA5?

I have some lab assignments. Go check my website at

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and look at the lab assignments. These are for 4.2i, XST Verilog, with the D2E board, but if you contact me privately I can send you the same assignments for 2.1i, Aldec Schematics, with the XLA5 board. I used those last year...


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Eric Crabill

You can check out my site

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Sumit Gupta

Hi D :-),

What about a TV ping-pong game? I just checked the one on my website and it seems to fit in a XCS10. You need just 3 resistors to drive a VGA monitor and I believe your boards 25MHz crystal will be OK to generate the V/HSync signals (use a good multi-sync monitor).

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Good luck,


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