San Jose job offer - advice needed

Thanks for your responses to my posting.

I would like to ask you if you would know why are they interested in bringing me down from Canada ? The reason I am asking is, I am a recent graduate and have been working in Toronto only for couple of months. So I am not some expert they can't find in Silicon Valley.. This raises my suspicion abit and am afraid of being "lured" by the glorious image of Silicon Valley to exchange my current job for something that doesn't worth it.

I know this is my decision and at the end of the day you have to take some chances to get anywhere, but I am just trying to gather some opinions from either edges of the spectrum to understand whats "cooking" down there and what people have experienced.

Everyone of my US relatives and friends are saying: "Jump on it!" "Once there you will have lots of opportunities"

and I realize that there are dozens of others in SV who would gladly take this is it a genuine opportunity ?

PS Toronto is not a cheap place. Yet is safe and very multi-cultural.

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All the engineers I know in San Jose always carry 9mm automatic weapons to rob immigrants to pay the rent. ;-) Seriously, San Jose is touted as the safest big city in America, and I've yet to find a place anywhere in the world with a bigger variation in nationalities. I say, take the position, if you don't like it, move back. What've you got to lose? Personally, I'm really enjoying it here; I've met loads of top blokes, with a wide range of specialties, you can't help be a better engineer for it. And the weather's better than the UK. (Except not this morning!)

Good luck whatever you do, Syms.

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Whether SJ is the right place for you or not largely depends on what it is you're looking for. Are you looking to move ? And, if so, why ?


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Brendan Cullen

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