Problem with Xilinx Webpack documentation

Having problem with Webpack.

Installed it automatically.

When trying to get help thru the HELP button and then the "Online Documentation' button, Adobe Reader starts and shortly displays a window saying "There was an error opening this document. The path does not exist", with no other indication whatsoever.

Can someone help by telling me what PATH it is ? What file should be there ? Is there maybe an environment variable missing ?

Thank for help.

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A Beaujean
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I think this may be because one of the directories (e.g. "Program Files") you installed the software in has a space in it. You'd need to reinstall it somewhere else without any spaces.

(This is a dim and distant memory - it may not be correct :-)

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Duncan Entwisle

Thank you for your answer. The problem does not appear to be there anyway. I installed under D:\WebPack\

Looking on Adobe Reader Web Site, it seems that this message comes out under Adobe for MAC OS (?) when the file opened has chinese characters in it ???

Very strange, since I run Windows XP and downloaded again Adode Reader free version to be sure, with the same result.

Wait and see.

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A Beaujean

On my system the documents are under C:\xilinx\doc\usenglish\books\docs\ and then a directory for each pdf file.

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Brad Smallridge

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