PicoBlaze implementation

I've a general question regarding PicoBlaze IP core from Xilinx: If I'm using PicoBlaze as a controller on my design: Who programs the FPGA which contains PicoBlaze? Normally e.g. a uP loads the FPGA with the neccesary configuration file. But if the FPGA itselfs is the controller (e.g. PicoBlaze), how do I get the configuration file into the FPGA? Silly question, isn't it?

Thanks for your help Martin

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You can use a xilinx PROM that the FPGA will read on power-up.

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Sylvain Munaut

Hi Martin, The picoblaze compiler take your code (psm file) and uses it to create a vhdl component. then, you instantiate that component in your vhdl design and synthesize it as it was a regular block. afterwards you generate a bit file and download it to your FPGA as usual (either directly or using a configuration prom).

Reagrds, Moti.

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