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I tried to connect my fpga board through a parallel cable to my PC - when i run boundary scan mode in IMPACT, it doesn't recognize the connection. I know that it worked with other PCs - i think it's dependent on the configuration of the parallel port (ECP...) - but do you know what i can do to be able to connect my board? Which configuration settings have to be done for my parallel port - are there any in the BIOS?

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We did a lot of work on parallel port based system, conclusion is that setting the parallel port to ECP or EPP+ECP gives most problems. What kind of download cable is in use??? (only have experience with Xilinx DLC5) Just trie the other settings in PC BIOS setup (go into BIOS setup at boot time, before system startup). So try all other mode settings in following order:

1.) SPP (standard parallel port, 8-bit out/4-bit in) 2.) PS2 (also called enhanced or bi-directional, software controlled 8-bit out/8-bit in ) 3.) EPP(enhanced parallel port, hardware controlled 8-bit out/8-bit in ) All three modes should be compatible with Xilinx parallel download cable (DLC5). There may be a mode called EPP+ECP, but in most cases it gives more problems as ECP mode. good luck!

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You may also want to take a look at soln 15742. It covers basic cable connection debugging tips.

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If this solution doesn't resolve your connection issue, please do contact the Xilinx supports.

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Regards, Wei Xil> I tried to connect my fpga board through a parallel cable to my PC - when i

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