OpenTech the Largest Open Source package for FPGA designers


I'd like to announce the new release of OpenTech Package 1.9.0, the first a= nd the largest Open source EDA tools and open source hardware designs distr= ibution package.

OpenTech is the first and largest world wide package of free open source ha= rdware designs, EDA software and Books for electronics designs. Since 2000 = we have sold OpenTech packages to Students, Professors, Engineers, Startup = and even large corporations. In OpenTech package you will find many things = that you can not imagine they even exist as open source. You will find CPUs= , Ethernet, USB and others. VHDL, Verilog, Schematic, IC and board layout = and many many other software programs. In short you will find lot of inform= ation that helps you in designing your system or testing it. The package is= composed of 5 DVDs that costs only 90 Euros. Use free open source tools an= d designs in OpenTech package and save more than $500,000 and more than 3 m= onths of search and download time.

This release is the 16th release since the start of OpenTech in 2000 and contains=20

- More than 16 GB of information distributed=20

- More than 380 Electronics related software

- More than 85 Hardware designs

- More than 670 Ope Cores

- More than 15 free books & tutorials

-=20 Since 2000 more than 660 shipped CDROMs/Packages all over the world.

This package is composed of 5 DVDs (Tools, Designs, Open Cores, and Books) = and it features EDAutils

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which supports the development = and integration of SoC

We offer new service, we can help you in finding free designs or tools by p= osting your requests to and we will share the informat= ion on our facebook page

Best regards, Jamil Khatib OpenTech maintainer

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