Need help: getting 3.1i Coregen working on P4-system

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I've had to install 3.1i on a P4-based machine at work.  (Found the
instructions on
replacing the default JRE image on the install disk --> worked great).

However, I seem to be having a problem now with getting COREGEN to
work.  Seems that COREGEN is java-based, and runs with the JRE
that is installed in the 3.1i structure.

Has anyone ever had to get COREGEN working on a P4-based machine?
If so, what steps did you take to get it running?


Re: Need help: getting 3.1i Coregen working on P4-system
P4 = Pentium 4?

Re: Need help: getting 3.1i Coregen working on P4-system

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Yes... (Why? my PC needed an emergency motherboard replacement with as
little disruption to the tool chain as possible)

Anyway  I found the answer on Xilinx website ... under "Chipscope"! It
wasn't mentioned at all under Coregen, but both require Java. The
problem is the version of JRE included with the 3.1 install, (1.1.7?)
which will not work with P4.

You need JRE 1.1.8 (or later) which is available for download from
Xilinx FTP site, if you have the correct login and password. When I
tried, I failed ... and asked Xilinx support ... apparently the FTP site
wouldn't let the support engineer in either!

Fortunately the thing is also available from Sun
 - I don't know the full range of JRE versions that will work, so went
specifically for 1.1.8 which was buried under the obsolete/unsupported
stuff. Try

Hope this helps,
- Brian

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