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The volunteer CPCNG Design Team is working on a family computer based on eZ80 CPU. We have designed a board (euroboard, 160x110, 4 layers, as you can see at

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Gerber files are ready for production.

We search someone to help us for the programmation of the Xilinx FPGA (includes the development of IDE, CRTC6845, I/O interception trick, SRAM interface). We have defined the pinout but our last FPGA developer is not able to help us now. We are motivated and interested for fast result.

If you're interested to join the team, please contact me at

Thanks ! Chris

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What's so great about a 30-year old CPU ? Peter Alfke

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Peter Alfke

"Peter Alfke" schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:

some things just are great

the best and fastest computer I ever had was selfmade

made on protoboard

-Z80 4MHz

-64k dram 6164 (from russian military fabs, nice golden ceramic)

-2716 boot loader, self written


-8251 uart

-5 inch floppy

this thing booted CP/M from COLD start during 2 rotations of the floppy disk

I used specially pathced version of M80 to write assembly for COP processor on that machine.

I could potentially use the same machine for PLD development even today

There is virtually no modern PC that boots as fast today - the technology is kind advanceing but PC's are getting only slower as of the user point of view.

There are uncounted number of Z80 based home computer designs


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Antti Lukats

Peter Alfke ( wrote: : What's so great about a 30-year old CPU ? : Peter Alfke

0x10 DJNZ 0xD9 EXX

The epitomie of CISC, but it illustrates very well why I like the z80 instrucion set - it's simple enough to work in hardware that was around before my time, but it represents a 'good fit' with the way my brain works.

cds C9'ing
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c d saunter

c d saunter writes about the Z-80:

Not even close. The VAX is a commonly cited example of a CISC, but there are machines with much more complex instruction sets than it has. The Z-80 isn't even in the same league.

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Eric Smith

0x76 - enough already !

I have a complete ucLinux SoC running in an single FPGA (plus memory and a few PHYs). How can the Z80 beat that ? Don't get me wrong, I love the Z80, and used it a lot, but I think now it's time has passed ...

Cheers, rudi ============================================================= Rudolf Usselmann, ASICS World Services,

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Rudolf Usselmann

I use the Acclaim ez80 to reconfigure my FPGA based boards over the ethernet. When you can achieve that with a CPU soft core running in an FPGA I would say that there is nothing great about a 30 year old CPU!!


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Ben Popoola

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