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Hi,  <p>Can anyone recommmend some NVRAM or parallel EEPROM to interface with
Spartan2 device.

Re: Memory

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Spartan2 device.

Look at Xilinx Site :

Best Regards,

Re: Memory
Besides the serial configuration PROMs listed at ... ,

also take a look at the new Xilinx PlatformFlash, which is in-system
programmable via JTAG

Alternatively, you can use a merchant-market byte-wide Flash devices and a
small CPLD, as described in the following application note.

Steven K. Knapp
Sr. Applications Manager, Xilinx Inc.
General Products Division
Spartan-3/II/IIE FPGAs
Spartan-3:  Make it Your ASIC

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Spartan2 device.

Re: Memory
thankx for the help, but you got it wrong.  <p>I dont want a configuration
solution, I'm looking for something in which I can store my application
data/parameters which will be overwritten if changed and stored for further use.
That means I want a device which I can read from and write to without loosing
the data on power down. <p>Hope this makes my problem clear. I'm looking for
suggestions of any particular manufacturer/family of devices for the same.
<p>Thanks and regards <BR>

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