how can i join the comp.arch.fpga group

the news group need login in? Is the account of XILINX or webcase? thanks a lot!

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I am not too swift with the newgroup stuff in general, so I always access through Google. Go to google and click the 'groups' link. You can find this group easily that way and google has options for joining. I know there are fancier 'old school' ways to go about it, but this is what I do--the group doesn't have anything in particular to do with Xilinx or webcases. Hopefully not too many folks will snicker at my use of google for news groups!


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You can access the group (as you already have) via the xilinx gateway, or you can use another gate way, such as the Google groups one that many people use, or you can have direct access through your ISP, or through a usenet news service. Via Xilinx and Google is free, via your ISP may be no additional charge over what you already pay, and usenet services cost a few $ per month.

It is all described here:

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