Good SystemC tutorials or books?

I've gone to the

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and downloaded the offical LRM (language reference manual.) I tried to read it, but I'm sorry to say I need more of a 'tutorial' guide to learn the basics.

Does anyone have good links or know of good introductory books to SystemC?

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I believe there is some stuff like that on the fraunhoffer site and doulos.

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I've got 3 ebooks about systemc

-Synopsis rtl system

-systemc from the ground, an

-SoC design and verification using system

Just drop me an email at dima_turbiner[at] and I'll send the

to you (about 25 MB)

Good luck


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Dimitri Turbiner

Download the SystemC library from

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unzip the package and check the "docs" directory. There is a user guide and a functional spec, these are easy to follow and include all the information you need.

The LRM is basically the "SystemC standard" and it defines exactly all the SystemC features. That's why it is quite hard to digest. If you wanted to learn C programming, you wouldn't probably start by reading the ANSI-C standard. Same applies to SystemC modeling and the SystemC LRM...


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Jaakko Varteva

Assuming you already know some C++, "SystemC from the Ground Up" by Black and Donovan is pretty good. Others also show up when searching for "SystemC" at

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