FPGA and LEGO Mindstroms

Two Students at TU Vienna (Alexander and Peter) have designed and built a very nice board to interface an FPGA (running JOP) with the LEGO Mindstorms system. Take a look at

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and also check their web site at:
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for the feature list and images.

The board is a major step towards building FPGA based robots :-)

The design file is placed as open-source and you're free to build your own PCB. For those of you who don't want to solder your own board (like me) we can arrange a production run of several boards with a professional company. Please reply to the list (or to me) when you are interested in such a board.

The very rough estimate on the cost for the board is EUR 100,- However, that depends also on the number of boards we will produce.

Cheers, Martin

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Martin Schoeberl
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