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I am currently developing a Co Processor which performs some arithmetic operations more efficiently, and I want to test this within a processor. I have done this once with den LEON Processor, but now I wanna try it with Microblaze or Power PC Processor if this is possible. I use VHDL as design language, so is there some online tutorial which explains me how I can add my Co Processor and the new op-Codes which should be performed by the Coprocessor. Unfortunately I wasnt able to find any information about this on the web

Cheers Roger

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actually there is something, not exactly but indirect - for microblaze its more efficient to design the co-processor as FSL peripheral, I think there are some new articles and possible examples for that in new EDK 6.3 release

unfortunatly that is not possible for PPC ASFAIK, so if you want both should possible design as an IPIF attachment


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Antti Lukats


Check out XAPP529 "Connecting Customized IP to the MicroBlaze Soft Processor Using the Fast Simplex Link (FSL) Channel"

formatting link

This shows an example of connecting a IDCT function in hardware to the MicroBlaze processor using the FSL link. The design files are also linked from the application note itself.

Cheers, Shal> Hi

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I have found that XST have several methods of FSM (Final State Machine)encoding: auto this is automatically chosen method

1-hot every one knows how it works compact what is it???? sequential what is it???? gray most of the people know johnson what is it?? user how to declare own method of encoding none every one knows

I have the following problems:

  1. There is encoding called binary encoding in which I am interested and I do not know if one of the above is the one which I am looking for. (maybe I am calling it improperly, but I have found informatuons about this encoding on xilinx webpage)

  1. How to use this user encoding?? I do not know how to force the XST to encode the FSM in other meethods (for example jedi)

thank you in advance for help

best regards

Dom> Roger,

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