BlockRam @ 333MHz

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Hi all,

I'm using a VIIpro (P30, -5). My data needs to be buffered before
going to the DDR memory. The DDR databus width is 96bit (6 devices),
which generates a 192bit internal databus.. Target clock rate is
Write burst data needs to be supplied out of the buffer, so logically
I nee a 192bit wide buffer... But does anyone has any faith in the
solution of reading a blockram at 333MHz & doubling the datawith in
register ?
I tried it with a very simple design, and I get almost there... here's
the timing report...

Timing Report
Timing constraint: TS_clkrd2x = PERIOD TIMEGRP "clkrd2x"  3.003 nS  
HIGH 50.000000 % ;

 150 items analyzed, 2 timing errors detected. (2 setup errors, 0 hold
 Minimum period is   3.017ns.
Slack:                  -0.014ns (requirement - (data path - clock
  Source:               ram0/B5.B (RAM)
  Destination:          ram0/BU42 (FF)
  Requirement:          3.003ns
  Data Path Delay:      3.017ns (Levels of Logic = 0)
  Clock Skew:           0.000ns
  Source Clock:         clkrd2x_bufgp rising at 0.000ns
  Destination Clock:    clkrd2x_bufgp rising at 3.003ns
  Timing Improvement Wizard
  Data Path: ram0/B5.B to ram0/BU42
    Location             Delay type         Delay(ns)  Physical
    RAMB16_X5Y19.DOB17   Tbcko                 1.680   ram0/B5
    SLICE_X65Y158.BX     net (fanout=1)        1.074   ram0/N849
    SLICE_X65Y158.CLK    Tdick                 0.263   dram<17>
    Total                                      3.017ns (1.943ns logic,
1.074ns route)
                                                       (64.4% logic,
35.6% route)

So the blockram is fast enough, but the routing around it cannot
handle it quite so good.

This exercise was made with only 1 blockram in an empty V2P30. I would
need 12 blockrams at 333MHz if I go for it.. Otherwise, I'll go for
the 24BRAM's at 166MHz.

I'll synthesise the 333MHz clock using a DCM, could the phase shift
save me some  picoseconds somewhere ?

So : question ...
1. Anyone has any experience running BRAM at such a speed ?
2. Anyone has any tips, recommendations to get it some faster ?
3. Anyone has any other ideas to get my thing happen...

thanks y'all for your time.

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