bandpass filter design for ACTEL FPGA

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Anyone have experience with designing band pass filters for ACTEL FPGAs?
Tools, appnotes anything is of interest.

I my project I have to make some DSP on 3 audio signals (100Hz-22Khz).
Planing on using the new Fusion mixed-signal FPGA from ACTEL.

Re: bandpass filter design for ACTEL FPGA

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You need to design the filter first using some filter design software
(this will give your the filter architecture and coefficients).  Then
you can worry about putting into the device.  You don't say much about
your requirements or environment.  Audio sample rates are much lower
than what modern FPGAs can be clocked at, so it is perfectly reasonable
to use a combination of bit serial and time-multiplexed logic to reduce
the footprint of your filter.

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