ASIC Design Engineer Job in SHENZHEN China

We are a leading IC design company in China, and mainly supply LCD Driver LCD. Now we supply the following positions to the candidates from Korea,Taiwan, Japan or USA.

Director of VLSI/Pinciple engineer(Taiwan)

1) Job Function A) Design mixed signal LCD driver B) Lead and manage design engineers and layout engineers C) Responsible for product definition, micro architecture, design flow, and EDA selection. D) Participate in generating product road map.

2) Candidates must have the following qualifications.

A) B.S Degree in EE or Computer Science from a well know university. M.S. preferred. B) 5 years of experience on LCD driver IC is a must. C) Familiar with competitor's products. D) Knowledge of the history of the LCD driver IC in Taiwan. E) Solid understanding of the architecture and key circuit blocks of LCD driver IC including PWM/FRC, charge pump, ESD, voltage regulator, voltage follower, SRAM, etc. F) Solid understanding of all the issues involved in designing LCD driver IC including full custom circuit design, layout design, RTL coding, foundry support, packaging, and dft. G) Familiar with mixed signal design and verification flow. H) Strong analog and logic circuit design background. I) Good understanding of SRAM design J) Project lead and team management experience is a must.

Salary: above USD 5000.00 per month (negotiable) Place: Shenzhen, or Beijing (China)

We also offer job of ASIC Logic Design Engineer for LCD Driver IC, the salary is also negotiable.

Please send resume to diana,and mark the subject to be "apply for ASIC Principle Engineer" Or Contact me by MSN dandan, OICQ 428443

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Without wanting to start a discussion about jobs, payment and design skills, I cannot hesitate to comment on this:

To me, the sheet of required skills seems to be right big, and I am afraid, I would fail in beeing selected. So this should be a job for a guy having at least 10 years of design experience (analog, digital, deep product knowledge, team leader ....) so I expected a high compensation for this. But what I found is $5.000 per month (???) .

Is this a typical compensation for such a job? In Europe, this is less than =8050.000 per year and doesn't even meet the income of small SIEMENS engineer with 2 years experience. (A friend of mine recently started with 48k, coming from the University directly).

Anybody likes to work in Germany?

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