ANN: USB/FPGA board with programmer's interface

We would like to announce the availability of our XEM3001 Xilinx Experimentation Module and accompanying FrontPanel software application and programmer's interface.

Our unique software differentiates the XEM3001+FrontPanel from other FPGA systems with a comprehensive API available for C++, Java, and Python under both Linux and Windows. Additionally, a DLL version p rovides easy integration into LabVIEW, Matlab, and any number of third- party tools. The FrontPanel API provides a simple but powerful way to communicate between your PC and an FPGA system at high-speed USB 2.0 rates.

The business-card sized (3.5" x 2.0") XEM3001 contains a

400,000-gate Spartan-3 (XC3S400-4PQ208) coupled with a Cypress FX2 USB microcontroller running custom firmware to configure and provide PC/FPGA communication. Peripheral items include a Cypress multi-output PLL for clock generation, four pushbuttons, eight LEDs, JTAG pin access, and three 0.1" headers providing over 80 access pins to the FPGA as well as PLL clock pins.

The FrontPanel software application unleashes the flexibility and power of the modest XEM3001. In addition to the system and API support listed above, FrontPanel allows FPGA configuration and virtual instrumentation via a simple, human-readable XML file -- nearly eliminating the need for bulky I/O boards with LEDs, hex displays, buttons, and so on.

Applications include test fixtures, rapid prototyping, a controller and turnkey USB interface for vendor evaluation boards, turnkey USB/FPGA module for custom OEM products, and a great learning tool for students and hobbyists.

We'd like you to visit our website at

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for more information including an online tutorial and a brief Flash demo of the system.

The XEM3001 is available now in our online store for $199.95 with domestic and international shipping.

Opal Kelly Incorporated Champaign, IL

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