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I am looking for an USB (or serial) interface and program which will allow me to do the following.

I need to create a 3 volt pulse at a variable rate of between 50 and

400 pulses per second.

I would like to vary the rate of pulse as CPU load (or something like that) changes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Matthew

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I see two possibilities :

- Either you use a pin of the RS232 port that is under owtware control (DTR line or similar), and you toggle it directly with a PC-based software, using on of the timers of the PC to set the rate. Vert easy under DOS, a little trickier under Windows...

- Or you hook a small 8-pin micorocontroller on the serial or USB port and you program it to generate the good pulse rate, based on orders sent through the communication port. Easy with a serial port, a little more complex on USB...

Cheers, Robert Lacoste - ALCIOM : The mixed signals experts

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