PC Wakeup from Keyboard detect

I think it varies. Some motherboards look for a specific key IIRC. If you care about making a nice neat product in the thousands, there are better ways, but if you're just making one, then obtain a $2(us) new keyboard, rip off the membrane, and connect the two appropriate tracks on the PCB at the right time.

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In reference to a PC computer ACPI(Advanced Configuration & Power Interface) :

Does anyone know how the PC ACPI detects a wake up signal from a keyboard?

Does the PC look for exact serial data or just any pulses on the CLOCK and DATA lines?

I want to simulate a wake up - and I wonder if I need a micro to send real CLOCK and DATA packets or just changes in state?

Any pointers would be appreciated

Any other pointers to news groups would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Regards Joe.G

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