UHF Signal Generators avialaable for pick-up

Hi, Gang

I've been communicating with an audio engineer named Brad Banks, who came across an HP-616A and the military equivalent, model TS-403B/U. Both signal generators cover 1.8 to 4 GHz, using pulse, c.w., or FM modulation, and have precision attenuators. He wants them to go to a good home - available for pick-up in Brooklyn NY.

The HP-616A sold for $1,950 in the -hp- 1953 catalog, the price of an automobile at the time. It uses a Klystron oscillator tube in a tunable cavity.

The units appear complete, but are untested. Photos are available.

If interested, please contact banksbrad at hotmail.com (not me).

Thanks, Ed Knobloch

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Edward Knobloch
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