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I want to buy a second TV for my living room with the provision that it is going to be used as a second computer monitor on occasions. What kind of connector or adapter shall I put in the cable line to have them work independently. Where can I get one?

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TV as a monitor? Yuck! Unless you buy an actual monitor TV, the resolution is going to be

800x600 from your computer ( DVD viewing is OK though). You'll need a TV with regular cable in AND a separate video in. Get a regular cable splitter for the television , you'll need a special video out card for your PC & then run a shielded RCA/RCA cable to the TV video in. Alternately, you could run the video to your TV via a VCR video in. Some PC cards have S-video out , in which case your second TV would obviously have to have an S-video in. You WILL have to configure the video card ( which can be a bitch at the best of times) Good luck with the really crappy desktop!

You'd be WAYYY better off getting a TV tuner card for your computer & a huge monitor!

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Bart, thanks very much. My desktop is not crappy though. It is a Dell with

2Mhz CPU speed and 1GB of RAM. I have a 21-in Dell Monitor with 1600x1200 max resolution which I actually use. Although I purchased it more than 4 years ago, I think, it is still considered top of the line by some. A service technician from my ISP came over to fix a problem and said that he never saw a PC that fast. I was very surprised because I considered it already obsolete. I will probably buy a new model next year.

I am planning to purchase SHARP, LC-20B6US AQUOS FLAT LCD TV 20". It has Pixel Resolution XGA (H1024 x RGB x V 768).

I need a TV next to my desktop and since I am about to purchase one I've decided to explore an opportunity to use it as a second monitor. I really appreciate your thorough consultation.

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