re Honda 240/12 v portable generator

Hi, hoping someone can help.. I have a 3.5 kva electric start portable petrol generator which has not been used for around 3 years.

Motor styarts and runs great, but no generation of any electrical power..

It has been suggested that one should "excite" the armature and another mentions polarizing the armature.....Is there someone out there that can put me on the right track? regards Ray (Victoria,Australia)

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Is it a generator or an alternator? Makes a BIG difference. Don't take random inputs you get from the web without verifying. You can make a lot of smoke by applying a generator technique to an alternator. I suppose it's possible that you could be suffering loss of residual magnetism, but that wouldn't be my first attempt at repair. The manufacturer of the unit will have the best advice. mike

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Thanks Mike, Your interest & advice is much appreciated.

I did get a response from another newsgroup, which advised me to have a look at

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It turned out to be a comprehensive article entitled "RE-ENERGIZING DEAD GENERATORS " (2.5 pages)

In short, it suggests a way of doing it by connecting the output of a spare generator to the output of the dead generator, while the dead generator is being driven by the petrol engine ?? uses three 60 watt globes in series in the connecting line. ??

I am hesitant in trying this procedure, as we are talking about 240 volts AC.....

If you could have a look at this article and give me your opinion before I take an action that could turn out to be a really bad thing....

regards Ray

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Polarizing is only done to DC generators, never to AC generators or alternators.

AC generators do indeed require some initial exciting current, but this would normally come from the motor that drives it. Is the electrical system on that motor working properly?


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How did your problem play out? Were you successful in getting the generator to work?

As I write this, my generator is chugging along, keeping my refrigerator cool. It seems that a pretty big hurricane knocked out power to thousands of people, and the power company says it might be a while before power is restored. That little generator is a life saver!


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